Eggs your own way with Dench              8

sourdough toast



Bircher Muesli with house                      9.5

coconut yoghurt, poached pear

and fresh strawberries


Coconut & Maple hotcakes with            13.5

salted Ricotta, raspberries &

walnut praline


Smashed Avocado with green              14.5

peas, mint, truss tomato and

two poached eggs


Breaky Board – Poached egg on           20

Dench sourdough toast, hummus,

& smashed avocado

Bircher Muesli

House baked chocolate & peanut

butter brownie

Small freshly squeezed

orange juice


Three cheese toastie – Cheddar,       10.5

mozzarella & parmesan


Poached chicken toastie with            12.5

smashed avocado, mayonnaise,

sumac and parsley


The Big Boy - Pulled beef burrito,      14.5

lime and avocado salsa, coriander,

cheddar cheese, sriracha mayo

and pickled green chilli


The Vegan Big Boy - Chilli fried         14.4

tofu, lime and avocado salsa,

coriander and vegan mayo


Abundance bowl – Brown                  14.5

basmati rice, quinoa, hummus,

pickled vegetables, roast

cauliflower, sorrel, poached

broccolini & radish


Refer to floor staff for more sandwich and salad options

All Bagels are made in house, fresh daily


Chive and cream cheese

single 4.5 / double 7.5


Smoked salmon with cream cheese

and herbs

single 6 / double 11.5


Pastrami with mustard, beetroot relish

& pickled onion

single 6.5 / double 12.5


Chimi churi                                           3

Extra egg


Meredith goat feta                                4

Thyme braised mushrooms

Smoked bacon

House made pastrami

Grilled halloumi

Smoked salmon





Rosso Blend                                          3.8

Turmeric                                                 4.5

Chai                                                                 4

Hot Chocolate                                        3.8

Cold Drip                                                4.2

Iced Coffee                                             5

Filtered Coffee                                        3



English Breakfast                                   4

Earl Grey                                                        4

Peppermint                                             4

Green                                                              4

Lemon grass & Ginger                           4



Soy Milk                                                 0.5

Almond Milk                                            0.7

Coconut Milk                                          0.7

Lactose Free Milk                                  0.7

Extra Shot                                              0.5


Soft Drinks


Karma Cola                                          4.5

Lemmy Lemonade                               4.5

Gingerella Ginger Ale                               4.5




Original                                                 5

Raspberry Lemonade                           5

Ginger Lemon                                       5




S.Pellegrino 250ml                              3.6

Aqua Panna 500ml                              3.5

Coconut Water                                     5



Hand Pressed Orange Juice               7


Apple Juice                                          7


Immunity                                                      8

Orange, carrot, ginger & tumeric


The Cleanser                                       8

Apple, cucumber, kale, celery

& lime


Becapple                                                     8

Beetroot, carrot & apple